The Verdin Company
Bell Foundry on Wheels
THE VERDIN COMPANY, in business in Cincinnati since 1842, is the world's largest supplier of bells, carillons and clocks.

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THE VERDIN COMPANY OF CINCINNATI presents the one of a kind two-day event. A custom cast bronze bell is designed in honor of the celebration

Day 1

Day 2

The Bell Foundry on Wheels In 1835, two Verdin brothers emigrated to Yorkville, IN from Alsace, France. They were skilled as metal forgers and went into business manufacturing tower clocks. In 1842 they moved their business to the Over-the-Rhine area of Cincinnati, OH, where their first recorded work was a tower clock for Old St. Mary's Church.

The business expanded in the early 20th century to include bell-ringing equipment, and soon they were supplying bells and equipment to churches and towns all around the area.

Today the company has 35,000 installations worldwide and is led by the fifth generation of Verdins. The Verdin Company world headquarters is housed in a 150-year-old Church complex, which the business completely restored in 1981. There are two manufacturing facilities, one for bells and bell-ringing equipment, and one for towerclocks and streetclocks.

This on-site casting is a rare event! Casting bronze bells, outside, in front of hundreds or thousands of people has never been done before.The Verdin Traveling Bell Foundry is unique and innovative! Enjoy the bell casting. You probably won't see anything like it again!

Bell Facts
·The furnace can turn 500 pounds of metal into molten liquid in two to three hours.
·Each bell needs at least 12 bronze ingots and each ingot weighs about 40 pounds.
·The custom-made mold is contained in a box called a flask.
·The flask is made of steel and weighs more than 500 pounds.
·Each bells weighs 250 pounds and is about two feet tall.
·Custom bells will chime with an "E".
·Bronze metal is a combination of 80% copper; 20% tin.
·The largest swinging bell in the world is a Verdin Bell. The World Peace Bell, 66,000 pounds; 12 feet tall, 12 feet wide, is on display in Newport, KY in the Millennium Monument Pavilion.


Dear Mr. Verdin,
"On behalf of the Board of County Commissioners, I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did in Belmont County this past weekend. We continue to hear raving comments on how well the program went.

The Bell looks fabulous and we will display it proudly in front of our Courthouse. Thanks again and we will be in touch."

Mark A. Thomas
Belmont County Commissioner
State of Ohio
October 1, 2001

From beginning to end, we enjoyed working with the entire Verdin team. Their professionalism was evident throughout the process, which was important, since we did not have any experience in this type of venture.

The result went well beyond our expectations and employees and visitors found the entire casting of the bell both exciting and fitting for our 100 year celebration. We had no idea of what to expect, but it was a great experience and something few of us will forget.

We are very appreciative of Verdin's hard work and for their suggestions along the way. They brought a piece of lasting history to South-Western.

Robert D. Lynch

World Headquarters
444 Reading Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
800-543-0488 ·